How a Solitaire Home can Appreciate in Value

You want your home to provide warmth and comfort and appreciate over time, and we do too.

Many studies and value comparisons of manufactured homes reflect varying degrees of depreciation over time. Because the sale of manufactured homes often involve moving and re-installation, the expense of the process often diminishes the price realized from the sale.

But, when your new Solitaire Home is placed on a nice property, enhanced with landscaping, and properly maintained, the home and the property may very well appreciate in value over time. This appreciated value should be realized if the home and property are sold together with the home remaining in place.

The non-Solitaire home can certainly mitigate some depreciation with a good site and investment in landscaping and enhancements, but the inherent lesser quality and overpriced product will still result in a significantly lower value when compared to a Solitaire Home.

Appreciation Graph