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Site Built Materials and Construction at Manufactured Home Pricing!

Solitaire of Lufkin offers true residential quality with 2x6 exterior wall construction, finished sheetrock in every room, and Grade A plywood sub-floors. Your family deserves the best and these homes provide it with peace of mind for the future.

When buying a Manufactured Home

The big knock against manufactured homes is that they have only a 10-15 year shelf life and they appraise for thousands less than what is owed. Solitaire Homes are built like a traditional house and they consistently appraise for 10-15% more than what you invest. Because Solitaire Homes are built with residential materials, a Solitaire Home can last 80 to 100 years. Believe it!


Quality installation

Only a Solitaire Homes factory-trained installer can put one of our homes together. These homes are 35% heavier than other homes in the industry and because our installers have special training and use great care during installation, you can have greater peace of mind.



When service on your home is needed, most manufactured home dealers wait for the factory to send service trucks every 3-6 months. Solitaire Home has local service staff right in our office so the people who helped you buy your home will service your home.



Because Solitaire Homes are built like custom homes we can add laminate wood floors, granite countertops and many other options that are displayed at Solitaire Homes of Lufkin.

Selection and Pricing

Selection and Pricing

At Solitaire Homes in Lufkin, we always have a large selection of homes to choose from including the largest double section homes in the industry, 18-foot wide single section homes, and 16' wide single section homes 2-3 bedroom homes. All Solitaire Homes are built with finished sheetrock and real wood everything!

Please don't compare our homes to other manufactured homes. We cater to folks who have already owned a manufactured home and know what they don't want, and folks who have been looking at site built quotes of $90-$110 per square foot and are interested in the same quality at only $60-$70 per square foot.


Most manufactured homes do a great job of creating style, but builders, banks and appraisers all agree that Solitaire Homes far exceed other manufactured homes. Do your research online and ask people who have owned a manufactured home and the name Solitaire will start to rise to the top.

Standard features

Buying a home is a huge responsibility and with a manufactured home quality is not just important, it is your #1 priority. Why? Because most manufactured homes do not use standard building materials -- they use mobile home-grade materials that do not hold up.

When you look at a list of repossessed manufactured homes, you won't find Solitaire Homes because we build homes that appraise for more than the purchase price. And, we use standard residential home building materials like:

  • 2x6 Exterior Walls with R-19 Insulation.
  • Residential Grade Wood Trim around Doors and Windows
  • Sanded, Floated, Grade A Plywood Sub-Flooors
  • 1/2 inch Residential Sheetrock Walls, Taped, Bedded and Textured like standard-built homes
  • Low E Double Paned, Tip Out, Energy Star Windows
  • Aluminum Backed Tech Shield Roof Decking
  • Real Wood Cabinets and Real Wood Moulding
  • Lifetime Moen Steel Faucets

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