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4 Ways to Re Purpose Your Den or Study

floorplanMany of Solitaire Homes’ floorplans feature a den or study intended to be used as an office, library, or educational room. One of the many benefits of these ‘extra’ rooms is that they can virtually be used for anything, including an extra bedroom (although technically they are not bedrooms because they do not have a closet to store clothing).

There are many uses for dens and studies. Read on to learn more about taking your den and turning it into a space that will meet your family’s unique needs.

Playroom | The den is often situated between the master bedroom and kitchen, or right off the living room, making it ideally located to hear and see what is happening in the room. This makes the den a perfect alternative playroom because you can watch the children or listen to them play, while you’re making dinner or relaxing in the living room. Paint the room a warm color like orange or a cool, relaxing blue, add shelves and toys, and watch your children love having their own space to play together and make memories. And, as an added bonus, this helps keep the clutter of toys out of the living room.

Theater | Dens make a great theater, particularly if they do not have windows. Find yourself a big screen TV, mount it on the wall, and add a popcorn machine and comfortable recliners. You’ll love having an entertainment area that has it’s own space and doesn’t take away from the look of your living room. If your den does have a window, you can select from a range of blackout shades available that add a stylish look to the windows, but block sunlight.

Game Room | Do you have a husband who loves to host poker night or a wife who has book club? Dens make a great space to host game nights or small groups without interfering with the family goings-on in the living room. Set up your card table, add a pool table, and a mini fridge to store drinks and snacks, and invite your friends over for a great time. Your guests will love having a private space to get together and laugh.

Crafts Studio | Nothing makes a better craft studio than a den. The size and location makes it the perfect place to prop up a table, arrange organization boxes, add a sewing machine and get crafting. You will love coming home to your crafts studio after a long day of work and unwinding while you create a new work of art.

There are an array of ways you can use your den or study to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a movie buff or love games, you’re sure to find find a use for your den using creativity. Try out different combinations to test what works best for your family. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is use your imagination.