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5 Easy Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

house in winter

Winter is in full swing, which means bitter temperatures and ugly weather is here to stay for the next few months. Even the south is being pummeled by below average temperatures. For most families cranking up the heat isn’t an option. Sure, you can keep it at a reasonable temperature, but maintaining it at 8- just isn’t going to happen. It’s expensive! We put together a list of five easy ways to stay warm this winter to help get you through the cold weather.

Window Treatments | In the morning, open your blinds and curtains to welcome the sunshine into your home. When the sun goes down, make it a point to pull the shades down. It might seem silly, but an affordable way to keep the cold air out at night is to hang thick blankets over the windows. Local thrift stores and church rummage sales are likely to have blankets priced for just a few bucks a piece.

Use Area Rugs | If you’ve got wood, tile or linoleum flooring then you’ll want to use area rugs to keep the house warm by trapping cold air beneath them. Many discount stores like Marshalls, Wal-Mart, and Home Goods sell area rugs at an affordable price. As a bonus your house will also look warm and welcoming!

Radiator | If you’ve got radiator heating in your home, then chances are you’re frustrated by inefficiency. One of the easiest ways to improve efficiency is to place foil behind the radiator so the heat is reflected toward the front of the room. This prevents the heat from escaping through the walls.

Use Shower Heat | There’s nothing more comforting than a nice warm shower. What if we told you that you could use the heat form your shower to warm your house. Simply leave the door open to your bathroom while you shower and let the heat enter your home. As a bonus, the humidity will also help to ease the dry skin that typically plagues families in the winter. Another option to increase humidity in your home is to air dry clothing. This is also helps save money as items like hoodies and sweat pants take a lot of time to dry.

Reverse Ceiling Fan | By reversing the direction of your ceiling fan you can push warm air, which typically rises, toward the floor. This reduces waste and limits the amount of time your furnace is triggered to stay on.

Photo Credit: By Petritap (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons