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The 5 Most Family Friendly Dogs

If there’s one thing that’s make a house a home it’s having a puppy running around, getting into mischief, and playing with the kids. The family dog is oftentimes the center of the family, lending to countless stories and memories and helping to protect the home and children. If you’re planning on getting a dog for your kids for Christmas chances are you’re wondering what type would work best for your family.

Animal Planet has a great “dog breed selector” tool that you can use to find the breed that will mesh with your family best, or you can read from our list of the 5 most family friendly dogs and head to your local shelter or breeder in search of one.


Newfoundland | These dogs are huge and furry. Thank God our manufactured homes have plenty of space! Don’t let their size fool you, though. These guys are known as “nature’s nannies” and can be trusted to protect your children and home. Their favorite thing to do is play with their people, lounge, and protect the homestead. Just be sure to brush them regularly, as their long fur can often get tangled or matted.┬áIf you’re looking for a dog that can enjoy the indoors and outdoors and loves to relax and run around, the Newfoundland might be perfect for you.

Golden Retriever | The Golden Retriever is often used as a service dog and is known for its exceptional patience. This makes it ideal for families with active children. The Golden Retriever is also very smart and easy to train to do tricks, and because it’s fur is medium length is easy to groom and keep clean. If your family loves to get out and enjoy the great outdoors the Golden Retriever would make a perfect addition to your family.

Standard Poodle | Standard Poodles are relatively large dogs and highly intelligent. Their “fur” is actually hair, which means they do not shed and are the perfect option for families who aren’t keen on the idea of having fur everywhere or those with allergies. In fact, many people who are allergic to dogs have no problem being around poodles. Not only are these dogs easy to keep clean, they are also magicians when it comes to learning and a great choice for families who want a dog that is active, cuddly, and easy to train.

Beagle | Did you know Snoopy was a Beagle? Yep, Charlie Brown’s best friend was this smart, cuddly, and highly energetic dog. The Beagle is a great choice for VERY active families. They require at least a couple of hours of exercise each day and are not easy to train, which means you need patience when working with them. Despite this they are loyal dogs who are protective of their home and let off a loud, intimidating bark when they see someone they don’t know nearby.

Pound Puppies | Pound puppies, AKA mutts, are always a wonderful addition to any family. Their number one goal is to give love and get love. You’ll find that most dogs from the pound are happy to have a home and eager to please. If you’re just looking for a great dog skip the breeder and head to your local pound where you are sure to find your next family member.

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