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5 of the Best Spring Cleaning Tips

lemonIt’s that time of year. Warm weather, birds chirping and fresh air. It’s safe to say winter is behind us and we can look forward to a lovely spring. Now, since you’ve been holed up all winter long, chances are you’ve got a bit of cleaning that needs to be done. Over the winter dust builds up, things end up in places they shouldn’t be and the house just gets a little disheveled. So, how can you go about getting the house spic and span? Check out five of our best spring cleaning tips.

Recycle | Over the holidays there’s a big chance you accumulated quite a collection of boxes. Throw them into your car and take them to your local recycling facility. It’s typically free to dispose of them, frees up space inside of your home and is earth friendly.

Vacuum | Ok, when we say vacuum we don’t just mean a quick vacuum. Use your vacuum to suck up little cobwebs in the corner of various rooms, vacuum your vents and closets. Everything should be deeply vacuumed to suck up any dust that could trigger spring allergies.

Open Windows | Don’t bother with air freshener. What your house needs is fresh air. Crank open your windows on a warm day and let nature’s refreshing bring clear out old scents and make room for clean, spring air.

Sit Outside | It’s so easy to get caught up in spring cleaning. Take a minute to relax on your deck or patio. Give it a good cleaning with a power washer, set out some flowers and chairs and just enjoy the moment.

BBQ | Give your interior kitchen a break. Clean it up and then use the BBQ. This will help keep your interior clean and allows you to create delicious, healthy meals.

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