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About Solitaire Homes

Here at Solitaire Homes, we have always desired to make better, more affordable manufactured homes, so that you, our customers, could have a long lasting home that won’t break the bank. Over 50 years ago, our founder, Mr. Elliot, did a lot of research into how manufactured homes were made, so he could figure out how he could make it better. Which is why Solitaire Homes is able to bring you the best single and double wide homes on the market.

Solitaire Homes
Find out all about Solitaire Homes makes manufactured homes better.

One thing that Mr. Elliot found was that manufactured homes were often made with low quality pieces, making them less likely to stay in good shape for years to come. Well, he didn’t want to do things that way, so our manufactured homes are made with 90 to 100 year construction materials to match or exceed the quality of a site built home. All while keeping them at the affordable price of other manufactured homes.

Mr. Elliot also noticed that manufactured home companies spent a lot of their money on advertising. Although this was great for getting new customers, it did not help with making their product better. Therefore, we have committed to spend very little money on advertising and instead gain our customers from the word-of-mouth about the superiority of our product. This way we can put more cash into making the best homes available.

Another innovation we made here at Solitaire Homes was in the actual manufacturing process. Other companies build one home and then retool their entire process which costs a fortune to do. We, however, will make 25 to 30 homes before moving onto a different floorplan, so we can offer better quality at lower prices!

Over the years, we have found that high quality features such as nailed siding and shingles and hand-painted interior and exterior pieces increase the durability of the home and make it look even more beautiful, and with our cost effective business model, we can do these things at a more affordable price. Contact us or stop by one of our many locations today learn more about Solitaire Homes and what we do to help you get into the home of your dreams!