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Awesome DIY Projects For Your Own Backyard

Summer is still in full swing with the beautiful fall season just around the corner. That means that there is still more than enough time to get some awesome projects done in your backyard this year! Looking to find ways to spend more time outside and get some cool projects accomplished? Here are a few ideas that we think you will love!

  • Raised Bed Gardens – the benefit of a garden is that you can grow flowers, produce, or anything else right in your backyard. However, this can be challenging if you have a hard ground or limited space. That is why the raised bed is such a great option. All you need are a few 2×4’s, planting soil and seeds or young plants and you’re set. Build your raised beds as big or as small as you want in an afternoon and in a few months enjoy the fruits of your toil, literally!
Great Backyard
There are many things that you can do in your Great Backyard.
  • Keep down the Weeds-  Do you have a sidewalk or a walkway that has a serious weed problem? There is a simple and cheap way to stop this problem on the spot! Look into concrete sealant that fits your color preferences and seal up the cracks. This will not only make the sidewalk or walkway look nicer, but it will also kill weeds and keep them from sprouting.
  • Build a fence table- Do you love barbecues? Do you have a fence in your backyard? Wooden fences are perfect places to add on makeshift shelving tables that can really make your next barbecue the talk of the town. You just need a little lumber and a vision for the perfect design.
  • Make end tables – If you have an excess of pots for plants that are not in use, turn them on their heads and give them a quick wash, or even paint them to fit your preference, and you have quick and easy patio end tables where you and your guests can place their glasses and plates while you are enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Makeshift Slip-n-Slide – Do you have a tarp that is not being used? Clean it off and spray it down with a hose. Then, situated it on a slope and place the hose so that it is cascading water down the tarp. Take care to make sure that it is safe and that there are no excessive holes in the ground that might cause bumpy sliding. But, as long as you are careful, you and your kids can have a very fun place to enjoy those especially hot days.
  • A Place for Tools – If you have an old metal garden rake that you are not using, you can turn it upside down and hang it outside. This makes for a perfect place for you to hang the garden tools that you are using.

If you are looking for an awesome home that is the perfect spot to cool off after your outdoor projects, check out some of our awesome floorplans to see what we are able to do for you today. Or, if you have a question, we are happy to provide you with all the answers you need, so feel free to contact us.