5 Spring Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

spring cleaning gutter

Spring is here, which means so are bugs and rain and long grass. That’s OK, though. We’ll take spring weather over snow and sleet any day. As you transition from winter to spring your home maintenance routine will change. To help you through the transition we put this list of helpful tips for you.

Clean Your Gutters/Roof

This messy job isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s incredibly important. Healthy gutters ensure the rain can flow off of your roof and down the spouts, thus avoiding a flash flood of water and mud around your house. This also allows you to ensure seeds that might have blown in over the months aren’t given an opportunity to take root. Be sure to pay attention to the healthy of your roof. Ice and wind from the winter can cause damage that could ultimately lead to leaks.

Clean Your Air Conditioner

Before you fire up your air conditioner, call out a professional to ensure it is in proper working order. Make sure the exterior is clean and the interior has enough coolant and proper fluids. Once temperatures hit 100+ you’ll be happy you did this and avoided any breakdowns.

Outdoor Lighting

Walk around your house and look for any light bulbs that might be out. Replace any that are dead or, if you’re looking to save money, replace with LED, energy efficient lights.

Check Wood

Check your home’s deck, flooring and crawlspace to ensure any wood is intact. If there is any rotting make it a point to replace this wood sooner rather than later. Wet spring weather can speed up decomposition and potentially create an unsafe space.

Check Concrete

If you recently had a concrete patio, front porch or sidewalk poured make it a point to look for any cracks that might have occurred from settling. This allows you to make a plan to get this fixed, get a quote and hire anyone before the busy season starts.

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