Affordable Homes For Gen Y

Do you know a Gen Y who is still living in Mom and Dad’s basement or maybe sharing a crackerbox apartment with a friend while yearning for a place of their own?  With land and traditional home costs continuing to grow in many markets, buying a home of their own might seem completely out of sight, but here’s an affordable alternative they may not have considered:  Manufactured homes.

backyard set up

Manufactured homes are a great alternative that is sometimes overlooked.  For cash conscious Gen Ys, the prospect of owning their own home can become a closer reality due to the more affordable price point of manufactured homes. And today’s manufactured homes are spacious, stylish and energy efficient — features that Gen Y demands when home shopping. Solitaire Homes builds every home to Energy Star guidelines which results in greater energy efficiency over the life of the home as well as immediate savings in utility bills.

Interiors of manufactured homes are modern and spacious and include large kitchens for entertaining and plenty of built-ins to keep tech-savvy Gen Ys fully charged and organized.  Homes can range from less than 1,000 square feet to 2,600 square feet or more.  While most have, at minimum 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, many have 4 bedrooms plus private office/study and bonus rooms.  View Home Floorplans and Videos here and see what’s new in manufactured homes.

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