Fall is the Time to Nest

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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are beginning to change, the kids are in school and the mornings feel just a little cooler than they did a month ago. Yes, fall is here. Like most Americans you’re probably starting to nest. It’s more than just something women do when they’re expecting a new child. Nesting is something many do during the fall to prepare for the winter.

For some that means cleaning your house from top to bottom. Giving your home a good scrub before the holidays come into full swing will save you time during an often hectic time of the year. One of the best parts of owning a Solitaire Home is that many come with large laundry rooms where you can keep and easily access your cleaning supplies.

Another way to nest is by cooking large bits of food or canning from your garden. There’s no better place to do this than in your spacious Solitaire Homes kitchen. Ample cabinetry provides you with the space needed to have all the necessary items at your fingertips, while high quality appliances guarantee that the job gets done right.

After you’ve cooked up a storm and cleaned the house, what’s more fun that cuddling with the kids on the couch and watching your favorite family movie. Our high quality carpet, large living areas and well placed windows all guarantee that on a crisp fall evening you can curl up and rest comfortably while you spend time with the family.

Whether you’re just starting to adjust to the fall season or already have your winter nest set up and ready to wait out the cold weather until next spring, rest assured millions of other Americans are doing the same thing. All we can say is don’t forget to brew a fresh pot of coffee and take in the gorgeous fall sights before they’re gone. This season passes almost too fast.


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