Get the Perfect Gift for your Holiday Hostess

You are planning to go to your friends and family for Christmas and are thinking of a gift to bring them to show them your appreciation for having you over? You will need the perfect hostess gift to let them know how much you care about them and your appreciation. Check out some of our favorite hostess gifts to pick out the perfect one for that someone special that has volunteered to make their home open to you.

Serving tray with food – Pick out a fabulous serving tray that you think your hostess will love and then stack it high with a tasty treat. Everyone can enjoy the treats and you can offer the entire bundle to your hostess as a holiday thanks.

Gift Wine – You can never go wrong with a gift box of wine. You can get bubbly in a box or a bottle of delicious holiday-themed wine for your hostess to enjoy during the party or after.

Get the perfect gift
Get the perfect gift


Apple Cider Vinegar – If your hostess is not the wine-ing type, you can always get them a lovely bottle of apple cider vinegar to be used in cooking. These rare, gift bottles are excellent for the foodies and aficionados of the family that love to put an extra pop in their holiday treats. Stylish and practical; the perfect blend.

Cheese board and flight – No holiday party is complete without a proper cheese board and flight of cheese. There are so many styles you can go with and so many different kinds of cheeses that the entire group will love.

Pre-made mason jars – Make a mason jar filled with all of the goodies needed to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate, or the perfect batch of brownies. These handsome little items can make anyone go wild. There are even companies that will send you a perfectly made mason jar.

There are so many different types of gifts that you can go with, it will be hard to go wrong. All you need to do is think about what your hostess will love and focus on what gifts will fulfill that. If you are looking to host your own party some day in your own dream house, we have plenty of fantastic floorplans that you can choose from. Make sure that you contact us at Solitaire Homes for more information or to catch one of our fabulous sales.


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