How to Make Snow Shoveling Easier

snow shoveling

Shoveling snow is probably one of the biggest pains that most of the country has to suffer through this time of year. It’s hard work, can hurt your back, and forces you to leave the comfort of your home for the freezing weather. Blech! So,how can you make shoveling snow easier? We put together a list of simple tips to make the process move faster/

Music | In today’s day and age everyone has music on their phone. Pop in your ear buds and turn on your favorite tunes.This makes the time fly faster and can even pump up the energy so you move faster.

Stretch | It sounds silly, but shoveling snow is very labor intensive. Be sure to stretch before starting to shovel so your muscles are warmed up and after. If you don’t warm up your muscles are more susceptible to tears and other injuries.

Brush Off Cars | If you didn’t park your cars in the garage, or don’t have a garage, be sure to brush off your car so you’re not stuck having to re-shovel after you discover that you need to brush your car off again.

Hydrate | Although it’s cool out, you’ll find yourself sweating in no time. Be sure to hydrate as you lose water so you don’t get inside and find yourself feeling sick. As a bonus, the more you hydrate the less susceptible to being sick.

Don’t Split Hairs | As you shovel move in a pattern that allows for a little overlap of each line you shovel. Do not split hairs. It’s tempting to want the driveway to look as put together as possible, but avoid going back and forth to clean up small bits of snow.

Don’t Overdress | It’s tempting to put on many layers of clothing, but there’s such a thing as overdressing in the winter. Put on enough layers to stay warm, but remember that you will start sweating pretty quickly.

Use Proper Form | Lift with your legs, not with your back. Keep your back straight and do not twist your upper body as you throw the snow.

Photo Credit: By Sage Ross (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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