Planning a Move? Follow These Tips

moving boxes

Moving can be a big pain. Packing up everything you own, putting it in a truck, driving to your new home and finally unloading the truck and unpacking your stuff is time consuming and tedious. If, however, you just bought a new home moving can be really exciting. We put together a list of some helpful tips to ease the pain of moving and making getting to your new home as exciting as it should be.

Delegate | You can’t do everything. As tempting as it might be to pack up the entire house on your own delegating tasks to others will take some of the pressure off of you.If the kids are old enough have them pack up their room and label the boxes accordingly. Show them how to wrap delicate or fragile items.

Make a Plan | Create a floorplan of your new home and label each room with a number. Then label boxes that go in that room with the same number so everyone knows where boxes should go once you’re ready to unload the truck.

Packing Dishes | Use foam plates to layer between glass plates. This keeps the plates from clanking against each other and potentially breaking. If you’ve got extra phone books laying around you can also use their pages to wrap fragile items.

Use What you Have | If you’re looking for an easy way to transport items like spices or small items, think about using what you already have. For example, pack your spices in your pots and pans since they’re all meant for the same destination.

Label Boxes | In addition to labeling boxes with the room they’re destined for, clearly label them with what is in them. Detailing specific items will ensure you can unpack boxes sequentially.



Photo Credit: By Lisa Risager from Denmark (Almost done  Uploaded by palnatoke) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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