Protecting Your Manufactured Home From Pests

800px-Cute_racoonOne of downsides of home ownership is having to deal with pests. When renting your landlord is responsible for taking care of any pests, but as a homeowner it all falls on you. Of course the pros of being a homeowner outweigh the cons and knowing how to take care of your home can not only save you thousands of dollars, but also gives you the peace of mind of knowing the job was done right. Taking care of pests yourself starts with prevention, however, it’s important to remember that if you have a larger pest issue it might be better handled by the pros.

The first part of pest control is prevention. Ants, spiders, and other animals are always looking for small entry points to enter your home, after all, it easily provides shelter and food to them. By ensuring all entrance points are sealed you can discourage animals from entering. An expanding foam seal is a great place to start, however, if you’re not comfortable using sealant moth balls are another good choice. These balls let off a scent that is often displeasing to pests and keeps them away from your home. Another natural remedy to keep pests away is cayenne pepper. By spraying it around your home you create a line of defense, however, use caution with this method if you have children, as anything they touch that has pepper on it could transfer to their eyes or skin and cause irritation. Avoid installing bird feeders around your home as dropping seeds can provide food to squirrels and any other animals seeking food.

If you’ve tried prevention and are still noticing pests around your home check the skirting around your home. Properly installed skirting will almost always keep pests out, however, any opening in your skirting will provide a perfect home for snakes, spiders, and other animals. Inspect your skirting to make sure it is tightly secured and free of any cracks or holes. And, if you ever notice wild animals making their home under your home call your state wildlife department immediately. Do not use any traps or poisons as they may impact any family pets. It might be tempting to allow them to make a home under your home, because they’re cute and cuddly, but wild animals are known for tearing apart insulation and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Ultimately protecting your manufactured home from pests is protecting your family and your home. Spiders, insects, and rodents all spread disease, however, with prevention you can rest confident that your home won’t have to be shared with any of these critters. If you find yourself in a situation where pests are causing you problems and you do not want to deal with them try searching for a well reputed pest control company.

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