Solitaire Homes Factory Tour

Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re home shopping and you could see the exact process it took to build your home? With Solitaire Homes you can rest confident that the home you’re buying is of the highest quality possible. We build our homes in a controlled environment that ensures we stay on task and can control all variables around us so that you get the highest quality product possible.



One of the best things about buying a manufactured home is the fact that there is complete control over the building process. Buying from Solitaire is a super smooth process. Our homes come in double and single wide floorplans and with a range of amenities that are sure to impress.

Standard construction features:

  • Individually designed heavy 12″ or 10″ I-beam frames are built in Solitaire’s own weld shops for each specific model.
  • Imperial homes feature Solitaire’s exclusive Grid Work Floor System features 2×6 transverse floor joints on 16 inch centers. An overlay of 2×3 longitudinal stringers completes the grid.
  • 19/32″ plywood Sturdy Floor decking is glued and fastened to the Floor System.
  • 2×6 exterior wall framing is complemented with 2 x 6 top and bottom plates. (strongest in industry).
  • The structurally strong exterior walls are screwed and strapped to maximize strength.
  • Roof trusses are full 2×3 (not 1×2) chords and feature a grid work system fabricated in Solitaire factories, for Solitaire homes exclusively.
  • A structural beam is installed on each unit of these multi-section homes. It runs the entire length of each section to insure structural stability.
  • Attics feature static roof, soffit and gable vents for ventilation, and access by way of residential sized vents at each end of the home.
  • Pex, the latest advance in plumbing material, is featured, along with “whole house shutoff” and a 40 gallon electric water heater.
  • Plumbing systems are protected within the insulated floor cavity.
  • Non-allergenic insulated heating and air conditioning ducts provide the quiet movement of clean air throughout the home.
  • Electrical power is received and distributed with a 200 amp service panel.
  • Interior walls and ceiling are covered with 1/2 inch sheet rock which is glued and hand nailed.
  • Once the sheet rock is taped and bedded, a brocade texture and premium grade paint is hand applied.
  • Electric outlets are placed higher on walls than is typical to reduce the need for stooping and bending.


If you’re interested in learning more about our selection of manufactured homes for sale, contact us. We can answer your questions and help you find the best home for your family. We can also assist with manufactured home financing, explain and who you the ins and outs of our various floorplans, and even suggest ideas for picking the perfect place for you home.

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