Tell Us . . . What’s Your Favorite Room In The House?

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Ok, friends! We want to hear from you. Head on over to our Facebook page and share with us which room in your house is your favorite and why.

Maybe it’s your super comfortable living room that has pictures of the family in it, or perhaps it’s the kitchen, where you create delicious meals. Your home is where you grow as a person, make memories with your family and relax after a long day of work. Now we want to see what makes you love your home so much and how you have made creative use of your space.

Do you use an extra bedroom as a home office?  Or, does a large laundry room double as the perfect place for crafting?  What about your garage . . . Tell us how you’ve personalized it to make it all yours!

Because you’re our customer, you’re important to us. So give us a glimpse of what your life is like and show us what your favorite room in your home is!

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