Thanksgiving Traditions To Share With The Family

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We’ve officially entered the holiday season. Commercials are out advertising the latest toys and gadgets people will ask for for Christmas, Christmas decorations are out, and Black Friday news stories can be heard on pretty much every news channel. Before you take the time to get your Christmas list covered, it’s important to think about what this time of year is truly about. It’s about family, love, and making memories. With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away we put together a list of some family traditions you might want to start with your family.

Help Others | Before you sit down to a feast with your family, take a few hours around lunch time to head to the local homeless shelter or food bank to help serve meals or pack food boxes. Giving back to others helps you see how much you have and helps eliminate selfishness that we tend to fall into during the season.

Football | Sure, watching football is an exciting part of Thanksgiving, but what’s even more fun is to play football and burn off some of those calories! You don’t have to play tackle football. In fact, flag football is a great way to get the kids and anyone else who is not into getting creamed into the sport.

Hybrid Meats | This sounds weird, but mixing meats on Thanksgiving is becoming a popular tradition. Instead of serving just turkey consider serving a delicious roast alongside it. In fact, early settlers enjoyed mixed meats during their Thanksgiving feast.

Create Ornaments | After Thanksgiving dinner clear the table and have everyone create an ornament that they can put on the family Christmas tree. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Use this time to relax and simply craft.

Create a Blessing Book | Buy a simple journal and have everyone write something they’re thankful for. After everyone has written something in the book, read it aloud to share with the family. As a bonus each person can write something special about the person seated on their left and then read those special words.

Photo Credit: By Luigi Crespo from Frederick, MD, USA (IMG_7196) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons 

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