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Built Tough: Solitaire Home Beats Tornado

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One of the most common myths surrounding manufactured homes is that they aren’t durable. In fact, ask someone why they won’t look at a manufactured home and more than likely you’ll get a lack of quality craftsmanship as an answer. Well, here at Solitaire Homes we take quality seriously. That’s why your manufactured home from Solitaire comes with a 90-100 year warranty. ¬†You won’t find that in a custom home or typical residential subdivision.

Now, you might be wondering how you can trust us? Instead of us telling you, why don’t you have a look at this video. It details the heartwarming story of a family in Shawnee, Oklahoma, whose Solitaire Home withstood the high speed winds and rain that destroyed much of the town. During the horrendous Moore, Oklahoma, tornado a Solitaire manufactured home was one of the few unscathed homes in town.

Solitaire Homes feature:

  • Almost fifty years satisfying tens of thousands of proud Solitaire homeowners. Many of these homeowners still live in their original Solitaire Home and even have children who bought a Solitaire Home.
  • A decades long history of manufacturing beautiful homes of highest quality while maintaining competitive pricing to ensure substantial and lasting value for Solitaire customers. We want to make home ownership a reality for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy living out in the country or prefer a neighborhood with the feel of a community, your Solitaire Home can go wherever you want it.
  • Marketing an array of exciting floorplans with extraordinary features through factory direct to outlets to create huge savings for home buyers. We ensure each of our floorplans offers the latest in home features and amenities.
  • Building every imperial model as one which can be installed to Energy Star requirements for huge savings on utility bills. You won’t have to worry about being¬†intentional about saving energy, because your house will do it for you.