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Christmas Decorating on a Budget

Christmas star


One of the most exciting parts of home ownership is decorating your home for Christmas. After all, this is the time of year when people come together to celebrate love, life and family. Great company and delicious food can only be made better with wonderful Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, this time of year can be a little stressful. The cost of shopping for Christmas and hosting parties can worry even the most diligent budgets. That’s why we put together this list of creative ways to decorate your home for Christmas on a budget.

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to create popcorn strings to string around your tree and even outside, where squirrels and birds will enjoy them! Take a weekend evening to air pop a few bags of popcorn. Take half and season so you and the kids can enjoy and use the other half to string onto twine. A large needle will help thread the popcorn kernels. Just make sure the kids are being monitored so they don’t prick themselves.

Another great way to get the kids involved is to have them make cuff ornaments. These are those chain cuffs that kids often make at school. Instead of using construction paper use holiday themed scrap booking paper. It’s durable and the scraps can be repurposed as gift tags or even wrapping paper for smaller gifts.

Now, there are only so many crafts you can have the kids do before you go crazy with cleaning up after them. One of the most important parts of decorating on a budget is to buy your decorations at a great price. As Christmas nears and the days after Christmas , decorations go on super sale and you’ll find items marked 75-90% off.

The final most important part to decorating on a budget is to remember the true reason for the season. Appreciate your family and the blessing of your home and remember that as each year goes by, you’ll build up your arsenal of decor. Just enjoy this year, this moment and this Christmas as it is, hopefully in your warm and peaceful Solitaire home.


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