Preparing The Home Site For Delivery and Installtion

To ensure an efficient delivery and installation of the home at the home site, the home owner will need to concern himself with accessibility, pad preparation and utilities.

    The route to the site must accommodate the "load size" of the home being delivered. Then, how the home will cross a ditch or maneuver to avoid obstructions must be considered. It is not unsusual for there being a need to remove or trim trees, to take down some fencing, etc.
    Ideally, a relatively level pad roughly the dimensions of the home should be prepared such that rain water will always drain away from the home and not pool under it. A properly prepared pad, given Solitaire's installation procedures, will generally eliminate a need for a poured concrete foundation. (However, some financing and some communities could require a poured concrete foundation.)
    Utilities may or may not be in place at time of delivery. (Utilities and their connections to the home are usually the home owner's responsibility.) To the extent that utilities are in place at time of delivery, they should be flagged such that delivery operations will not damage them.