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Decorate Your Manufactured Home For Spring


There’s more to love about spring than just the random rain showers and sunny days. The change in weather offers you the chance to refresh your decor and spread the spring cheer to those who visit your humble abode. Decorating for spring doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. With just a few simple changes you change the look of your home, without breaking the bank.

Add Flowers | While winter is a time to decorate with greenery, spring is the time to bring out the flowers. If you don’t have a “green thumb” check out artificial floral arrangements that are typically on special this time of the year. Many crafts and hobby stores offer 50% off coupons on their websites. These can usually be applied to floral arrangements.

Reorganize Shelves | By simply rearranging the way your shelves look you can change the appearance of your interior and also make room for small spring inspired trinkets like bird figurines, flowers, or refreshed family pictures. Try arranging some books vertically and others horizontally. Adding dimension to your shelves also adds character.

Paint Your Front Door | Painting your front door only takes a day and a gallon of paint, but can change the entire look of your home. You might want it a warm, dark color like burgundy for the winter and a nice cool sky blue for the spring and summer. Get creative and enjoy the process. It’s your home, after all.

Pillow Switch | The look of your living room largely depends on the accent pieces you use. Oftentimes couch pillows can be used as a focal point. Try switching your winter couch pillows for warm, spring inspired pillows that feature flowers and bright colors like orange, yellow, and blue. Get creative, you’ll love what you do.

Lamps | Try rearranging the lamps you have in your home. Trade a table lamp in the living room for a stand alone lamp that’s in your bedroom. Prefer to keep your lamps where they are? Try changing shades.

Updating the look of your home to celebrate spring doesn’t have to be expensive. These simple tips allow you to add your own touch and character to your home simply and affordably,

Photo Credit: By MarkBuckawicki (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons