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DIY Door Decor Ideas


One of the easiest ways to add charm to your home is by decorating the front door. With a small budget you can implement big changes that create a warm and welcoming appearance. Check out these cute door decor ideas and share with us on Facebook any of your own DIY ideas.

Umbrella Decor

With summer almost here spring showers are in full force. What better way to celebrate the season than by decorating your front door with an adorable umbrella wreath? Simply take a pointed umbrella and top off with your favorite flowers. Silk flowers would be the easiest to use because they stay bright for a long time and don’t need to be replaced like real flowers. Some spring favorite include tulips, daisies and irises.

Hanging Plants

This is an easy way to bring in a little lively green to the front door. Fill your favorite mason jar with potting soil and then plant with a draping succulent. Wrap twine around the opening of the mason jar and create a ¬†loop that can hang from a nail. If you’ve got any cute burlap bows laying around this would be the perfect accent above the jar.

Stick Letters

Perhaps the most affordable of these crafts, making stick letters is super easy. Go around your yard and pick up any quality sticks. Arrange them in the form of the letter of your last name and hot glue together, then hang from your front door using some twine.

Robin’s Egg Wreath

Nothing says spring quite like the blue of a robin’s egg. This adorable wreath requires just a few supplies from your local craft store and adds lots of cheer to the door.

Lemon Wreath

Bright lemon yellow and adorable fruits come together on a branch wreath to add gorgeous colors to the front door.

Photo Credit:¬†“Korfu Zitronen” by Jean-Luc 2005 – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –