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Easily Store Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas ornamentsThe Christmas season is such an exciting time of year. We get to decorate our homes inside and out, get fun gifts and, most importantly, spend time with family. Although Christmas is only a week away, chances are you’re already thinking about storing your decor. You see, although you started the season with a set number of decor, you likely are going to end it with even more. There’s just always something cute and festive to buy and add to your collection.

If you’ve already started thinking about how to store your decorations, here are some tips:

  • Twisty ties – these are your best friends. Use them to neatly wrap cords, cables and lights. Wires that are organized are much easier to manage the next time you need them. No more fighting with tangled cords when the next season rolls around.
  • Tree storage – if you’re like a lot of people, you love the convenience of an artificial tree. Storing these is easiest when the tree is kept on the same floor you plan to display it on and if it’s stored in a tree bag that can be wheeled around.
  • Ornament storage chest – a quick search online will yield many results for ornament storage chests. These convenient little storage tools provide a serum home for your ornaments and are a lot easier to manage that tons of boxes. Many even come with fabric lined drawers that secure your glass ornaments.
  • Gift wrap organizer – these storage containers store wrapping paper upright to prevent wrinkling and tearing and also have compartments for scissors, tape and bows.
  • Elevated storage – elevated storage units are ideally used in the garage and provide ample storage space outside of the house. They create space where space previously couldn’t be found.
  • Ribbon dispenser – these dispensers easily disburse ribbon and can even serve as a second hand when wrapping gifts.

We hope these ideas for Christmas decoration storage will help keep you better organized and living happily and clutter free in your Soitaire home.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!