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Fall Home Cleaning Chore List

house in the fall

For a lot of the country school has started and life is getting back to “normal”. With that comes everything else that the fall season brings. This means football season, bonfires, cooler weather, and changing leaves. Before you stop to enjoy the season, you need to make sure you’ve got your house taken care of and in check. Here are some tips on chores that should be done this fall.

Patio Furniture | Toward the end of the season wash your patio furniture with an eco friendly cleaner. Wash cushions and pillows and store in a clean, dry place until the next season. Remember to ensure everything has completely dried before storing so that they don’t grow mold or mildew.

Check Seals | Check the seals around doors, windows, and garage doors to ensure that they’re intact and haven’t been damaged from past winters or the summer sun. Intact seals can ensure your winter heating bill is kept at a minimum and your house is more eco friendly. If need be replace seals or add caulking around the windows.

Power Wash Your House¬†| Before Old Man Winter rears his ugly head make sure you power wash the entire exterior of your home. This will help remove any grime and dirt that built up over the summer and ensures that come next summer you won’t have an extra layer of dirt caked on your home. It also helps protect your home from any damage that this can cause to the paint.

Touch Up Paint | Touch up any paint inside and outside of your home. This includes stairs, railings, decks, and walls. By touching up paint now, you reduce the chance of it further chipping throughout the fall and winter.

Clean Inside The House | Detail inside of your home to avoid having to tear it apart when the holidays roll around. If you have to, get the kids involved and make them take a scrub brush to the floor!

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