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Makeover Your Single Wide Mobile Home


If you’ve recently moved in to a single wide manufactured home or are planning on buying one, chances are you’re in need of some design inspiration. Designing a single wide’s space is a little different than doing so for a double wide, because you have a smaller, more narrow space to work with. Fear not, though. Making your single wide your own space without it appearing cramped is actually pretty easy. Follow these simple tips to makeover your single wide and watch how your home truly transforms.

Avoid Dark Colors | Dark colors make your space seem small and closed off. Because we’re already dealing with a more narrow space, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by painting it a dark color. If you’ve completely fallen in love with a dark color try using it on an accent wall, in accent pieces like throw pillows and lamp shades, or as an accent on the wall through stenciling.

Choose Window Treatments Wisely | Those billowing, super voluminous curtains might be appealing in the show room, however, once you get them in your home, you’ll notice how much space they¬†appear¬†to take up. Go for straighter curtains that feature clean lines or simple blinds that don’t take up any space at all. Try to stay with lighter colors. If you decide to use blinds you can always accent your windows with a tasteful valance.

Look For Multi-Functional Items | You can drastically increase your storage space by purchasing items that double as storage space. Many ottomans now come with hidden storage compartments where you can keep your DVD collections or extra blankets and pillows. Choose a side table that has a cabinet where you can place magazines. By selecting items like this you can make your home attractive and practical.

Shelving | Select white or transparent shelving to provide additional storage space and add a unique accent to your walls. By using lighter colored shelves you can add darker or more colorful pieces that “pop” and attract the eye of visitors without distracting them. If you’re concerned that shelving might not work on your space try using more narrow shelves.

Divide Your Space | If you’re looking for a clever way to divide the space in your single wide, without using clunky items like dividing screens, try using an attractive curtain and rod to separate spaces. For example, if your living room and dining area appear as one space without any distinctive separators, try setting up a curtain to keep the areas separate.

Decorating your single wide doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. These simple tips will help you keep in mind what your ultimate decorating goal is. Share with us how you decorate your home on Facebook!