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Manufactured Home Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Manufactured homes offer a wonderful option to anyone looking to have a lovely home wherever they want it. There are numerous communities and even the option to put your home on a plot of land.

Model PRT4ASC Double Wide Home
Check out the top features of the Model PRT4ASC Double Wide Home!


Myth #1 | Poor Quality

DW 856 SC Manufactured Home Master Suite
Get 3 bedrooms and 2 baths including a large master ensuite.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, manufactured homes have gotten a bad rap for being unstable, but the truth is, all manufactured homes have to be built to the same wind resistance and construction standards than site built homes are (70mph-110mph). Additionally, manufactured homes have to pass through third-party testing.

Myth #2 | Cheap Materials

Going right along with quality, many people picture manufactured homes as using materials like fiberboard. However, one step into a Solitaire manufactured home and you’ll see quality through and through. We use actual dry wall and higher standards than what HUD requires so that the families that call our homes home are truly happy.

Construction features:

  • Individually designed heavy 12″ or 10″ I-beam frames are built in Solitaire’s own weld shops for each specific model.
  • Imperial homes feature Solitaire’s exclusive Grid Work Floor System features 2×6 transverse floor joints on 16 inch centers. An overlay of 2×3 longitudinal stringers completes the grid.
  • 19/32″ plywood Sturdy Floor decking is glued and fastened to the Floor System.
  • 2×6 exterior wall framing is complemented with 2 x 6 top and bottom plates. (strongest in industry).
  • Electric outlets are placed higher on walls than is typical to reduce the need for stooping and bending.

See all construction features here.

Myth #3 | Manufactured Homes Lose Value

Real estate is fickle. Let’s face it: no home’s value is set in stone. The economy play a huge role in how much your home is worth. Manufactured home can increase in value, particularly if the follow applies to them.

  • You own the land
  • There is a foundation
  • You’ve maintained the home
  • There are additional features around the land, like outbuildings and an attached garage

If you’re interested in learning more about our selection of manufactured homes for sale, contact us. We can answer your questions, show you our huge selection of single and double section floorplans, and even assist with helping you find the right financing options for you.