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Manufactured Home Myths

solitaire manufactured homeManufactured homes are a great option for anyone shopping for a home. They offer affordability and flexibility along with exceptional quality. Unfortunately, an array of myths are perpetuated by those who don’t understand what manufactured homes really are. Oftentimes, lower quality manufactured homes also lend to the misunderstanding of all manufactured homes. At Solitaire Homes, however, we take pride in building our homes with the utmost attention to quality products and skilled craftsmanship, and we stand behind our 90-100 year warranty that comes with every home we build.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 myths about manufactured home that are commonly perpetuated, and the truth behind them to help you make an informed decision about manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes catch fire easily | False! Manufactured homes are no more prone to fire than site built homes. In fact, Foremost Insurance Company recently conducted a study that proved the opposite. Site built homes are twice as likely to experience a fire in comparison to manufactured homes because of strict regulations put into effect in 1976 by HUD regarding the construction of manufactured homes. Truthfully, the best way to prevent fires in any home is to practice proper safety. Don’t leave candles burning alone, never let children handle fire, turn off lights.

Weather durability | One of the most common fears you’ll find regarding manufactured homes is their ability to outlast wicked weather. The truth is, high quality manufactured homes like those built by Solitaire Homes are built using durable materials that can outlast a traditionally built home because of stricter regulations on building standards. Still not sure? Check out this video about a Solitaire Homes family whose home outlasted the Moore, Oklahoma EF-5 tornado in 2012. This family’s home was the only home left standing after the tornado ripped through their idyllic Oklahoma town.

Efficiency | Manufactured homes built after 1994 are actually just as energy efficient as other homes. In fact, Solitaire Homes all come standard with Energy Star rated windows and appliances. Many other home builders charge you extra for this, but our belief is that quality shouldn’t cost extra.

Longevity | Manufactured homes are thought to be made from inferior materials, thus making them less likely to last the test of time. In fact, quality manufactured homes can last for a lifetime. This is one of the reasons why Solitaire Homes was founded. Our founder, Mr. Elliott, saw inferior homes being built within the industry, and committed to building manufactured homes that came with a 90-100 year warranty and beat the quality of competitors. Learn more about how our homes are constructed here.

Home Appreciation | Whether your home increases or decreases in values depends less on how it was built and more upon the homes around it, where it is located, the age of the home, inflation, and much more. Don’t let this myth stop you from finding a home in which your family can build lasting memories.

At Solitaire Homes our team understands how hard it is to weed facts from fiction. As you continue to search for a home and learn about manufactured housing we encourage you to contact us for answers to any questions you have, or, visit a manufactured home community where you can talk to the residents and learn about what they love about their home.