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Manufactured Homes with Last a Lifetime Construction!

We, here at Solitaire Homes, take great pride in the high quality single and double section homes for sale on our lot. Our main goal is to build the best manufactured homes with last a lifetime construction, so you and your family can enjoy your home for years to come. From the inside out, every piece of our homes are built to perfection to give you a less expensive home with a construction that will match site built homes.

Last a Lifetime Construction Homes
Check out our affordable homes with Last a Lifetime construction.

For years now, we have relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, so instead of pouring thousands of dollars into advertising, we have instead been able to invest that money into making better homes. Check out just a few of the innovations we have added to make our manufactured homes the highest quality on the market.

Exterior Additions

The exterior of our homes will be built with residential practices such as the nail fastened thick, architectural shingles to make it comparable to a site built home. Plus, the entire exterior will have a spray vapor barrier applied to it to not only lower the moisture absorption but also increase the energy efficiency of the home.

High quality carpet
Enjoy plush, high quality carpeting!

Superior Construction

Strength is the priority when the frame is built. Items such as the lagged and strapped walls and the laminated beams that run the entire length of each section will both increase the durability and strength of the home. And for an even more residential feeling, you’ll love the half inch thick sheet rocked walls and ceiling and the insulated floor cavity for the plumbing.

Tile Flooring
Get tile flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms!

Higher Quality Interior Design

In every room of our double and single wide homes, you will find the highest quality features. From the durable and high quality tile and carpet throughout the interior to the vinyl, dual glazed, tilt-in windows that will increase the energy efficiency, there will be amenities to keep you feeling at home.

From the outside walls to the inside floors, every piece of our homes are built with a last a lifetime construction. To learn more  about our affordable and high quality homes, be sure to contact us today! Or stop by any of our Ok, TX and NM locations, and see for yourself everything that makes our manufactured homes the best!