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Construction Vs. Manufactured: The Pros and Cons

Are you weighing the pros and cons of having a home traditionally built on-site or purchasing a manufactured home?  More and more people today are choosing manufactured homes for a variety of important reasons.  Here are some points to consider when weighing your options:

1)  Once you’ve selected a floorplan and builder then wrapped up all the details, traditional on-site construction of a new home can take anywhere from three to six months at minimum. In some cases, depending on size or complexity of your home, it may take much longer.  When you choose a Manufactured Home that’s in stock at one of our sales centers, it can be delivered almost immediately and set-up on your property in a matter of days.

The Inside of One of Our Awesome Models
Solitaire Homes Spacious Interior Living Area.


2)  New Home Warranty:  Most traditionally constructed homes come with a one-year builder warranty.  Every Solitaire Home comes with a 90-100 year construction guarantee. That’s right, 90-100 years!  The quality of our construction materials land processes are so superior, we don’t limit your coverage to one year.  You aren’t getting a watered-down product here, it’s the real deal!

Energy Star Logo

3)  Energy Star Efficiency:  You deserve better protection against cold, heat, drafts, moisture, pollution and noise in your new home. That’s one of the reasons why we install Energy-Star rated appliances and construction processes. We build Energy-Star into every Solitaire Home, which means that it will use less energy for heating, cooling and water heating.

4)  Construction Integrity:  While we don’t like hearing that our Home buyers have been in the eye of the storm, two devastating tornadoes recently have left Solitaire Homes still standing and intact while entire neighborhoods were demolished. Read homeowner accounts and see the video on our website from the Shawnee, OK tornado in 2013 and a Texas tornado earlier this year.  Also take a Factory Tour and read more about how we build Solitaire Homes.

5)  Customer Testimonials:  Hear what Solitaire Home buyers have to say about their experiences. Read their Testimonials here.

To learn more about what makes Solitaire Homes a better choice, Contact Us today for all of the details. Choose from our 24 locations in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. We can’t wait to help get you into the perfect home.