Our team at Solitaire Homes works hard to ensure that every customer's experience is exceptional. If you've recently visited one of the Solitaire Homes sales centers in Texas, Oklahoma or New Mexico, please Tell Us About Your Experience. Read on to learn what other customers have to say about Solitaire Homes.

Hugs and Many Thanks!

Just wanted to thank you Chad, Joe and "Miss Mac" for all your help and care during this whole process. And again, I want to apologize for being such a pill today, calling so many times. I should have known you all had it handled, I know Joe was off today.
David got to see the front half being delivered. He said the driver and crew were so skilled and smooth that it was almost anti-climactic to watch. They are good!
If you can give us a heads-up on schedule for putting the 2 halves together, we'd appreciate that. I do want to make sure we have the food and soft drinks available for them.
Oh, our preacher gave that blue-gray on the house a new name: "Confederate Blue". He wanted to know the brand name of the paint, and I told him it was in our paperwork and I'd tell him Sunday.
We've had neighbors honking their horns wildly as they drove by this afternoon, lol. Folks are slowing way down as they drive by. Everybody seems to like it.
Our son-in-law went up and watched the driver take that corner onto CR 422 from FM 1995. He said it was impressive-he made it look like he was driving not a semi tractor and 1/2 a house but an itty bitty "Smart Car"! Said he was GOOOOOOOD! Tell him we said many thanks (we have already, but it always helps if "the boss" gives an "attaboy", too).
We'll be talking and seeing all of you I am sure. Take care, hugs and many thanks again.
- Lea

My Solitaire home was delivered in February of 2006 (R318S model). I was going to the Solitaire website to look up some information about it because we (my mom and I) had a tornado hit our property at 4am Saturday, April 30th. It flattened several exterior structures (storage building and a barn) but my home and my mom's home (a double wide solitaire) survived! Thank you for building good homes! - Jennifer from Center, TX

Anyone who has spent any time looking at homes and gone to Solitaire knows it's a superior product inside and out. The interior walls and trim sold me on Solitaire. But that's only half of the process.

My experience with the staff was by far a great and relaxing experience. I first worked with "Coach" and he was able to assist me in finding exactly what I was looking for because I did not know. Then I had the pleasure of meeting "Joe" and must say Joe is a total professional and had all the answers for me when asked. Every time I called Joe, it was like talking to someone I have known for years his sense of humor helped too. "JJ" the office manager is a sweetheart. As the process evolved she was always on top of the game and very helpful. "Dewayne" who comes out after the fact and fixes all the minor problems was very professional, on time, and was very helpful with the information he relayed to me. I have never seen such great team work, everyone worked together and never once did someone tell me "Hold on let me get someone else" or " That's not my dept, I'll have someone call you back" Everyone works as a team in the Tyler office. But we all know it starts at the top and that's where Chad comes in.

Chad keeps the entire process rolling and his leadership skills shows in every employee in the Tyler office. I have spent my career in management and I know all too well how hard it is to find and keep great employees and Chad does just that. Now that all has been done its bitter/sweet for me because of the friendly people I have had the pleasure of dealing with. But no worries when I am in Tyler I plan on stopping by and causing a bit of trouble for my friends at Solitaire Homes of Tyler. See you guys soon!
- Russell

"Looking for a home that we could afford to buy and be confident that it would last for the rest of our lives was quite a challenge. We found that new home - a Solitaire!" - Jerry

"In the beginning we felt so sure that only a new site-built home would fit the bill for us. But. guess what? Our new Solitaire is every bit as nice as the site-built models we considered for about half as much money. We love our new home and are so proud to have family and friends come to visit." - Joe

"After dealing with a number of fast talking sales people at other dealerships, we were pleasantly surprised with the down to earth straight talk we experienced at Solitaire. We were given lots of useful information about how Solitaire builds homes. And, everything about the buying process was carefully explained to us. Paying a lot of money for a new home can be a scary process. Solitaire made the process less scary, and they made us a really good deal." - Steve

"We recently purchased our third Solitaire. One of our parents currently lives in our first Solitaire, a single wide bought over twenty years ago. (It is still in great shape.) Our second Solitaire (a small double wide) we sold to our recently married youngest son and our new daughter-in-law. Now we have a huge new Solitaire which we are so proud of. It will be headquarters for a lot of family gatherings for years to come." - John

"After looking for over a year, visiting about twenty sales locations, it became clear to us that only a Solitaire would satisfy us." - Terry