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Porch Ideas For Your Manufactured Home

As you shop for your manufactured home, chances are you’ve noticed that they might not come with everything you want from an outside perspective, namely, porches and decks. Porches and decks have the unique ability to add character and dimension to all types of homes, including your manufactured home. Once you decide where your home is going to go – land or a community – then you can start to think about whether you want to add a deck or porch on.

According to, “The main difference between a porch and deck in a conventional setting also rings true when it comes to a mobile home application – porches are covered (or even enclosed), where decks are not. Decks, or patios, may also be installed at either the front or the back of a mobile home, where porches are almost always built at the front of the home.


Mobile Home Porch Designs

porch on mobile home

Center of Home

This classic design adds the porch to the center of the front of your home, with the front door being the center. This porch is the perfect on and off area for entering and exiting the house.

Wrap Around

Like the center of the home design, this porch starts at the front door, but wraps around both sides of the house to provide more seating and play space for the kids and guests.

To The Left Or Right

This design starts the porch at the front door, but chooses to wrap in just one direction of the home – to the left or the right. This is a great option if you’re limited on space in one direction or the other.


A freestanding porch isn’t attached to your home and allows you more flexibility with the style and design because the structure of your home doesn’t have to be considered in the design.

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