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Review of DW-PRT4SC Manufactured Home

If you’re in the market for a home and need something that will fit the entire family, the DW-PRT4SC might be just what you need. This manufactured home is laid out in a very smart, efficient manner that makes it ideal for the kids and adults in the family. Learn why in our review of DW-PRT4SC manufactured home.


This 2,624 square foot home comes with four bedrooms. You’ll have enough room for all the kiddos, plus a guest room for when the in-laws comes to visit (we’re looking at you, dad!). The master bedroom is 15’x15′ and boasts an impressive walk in closet.

On the other side of the house you’ll find the guest bedrooms. Each guest bedroom measures 12.6’x14.6′, so there won’t be any fighting over which room is bigger. All bedrooms also come with a walk in closet.


Attached to the master bedroom is a gorgeous ensuite bathroom that includes a soaker tub, vanity, and separate toilet. A second bathroom is located near the living room, while a third bathroom is shared by two of the children’s bedrooms.

HUGE Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where delicious meals are whipped up and memories are made. We love that this kitchen is conveniently situated near the center of the home. It has an attached utility room that includes the washer and dryer.

An island with a bar is situated and the perfect place for the kids to enjoy an after school snack.

Student Center

The student center is a small cove where the kids can go to study or play on the computer. It helps to keep their study area out of the way, but also create a public forum where they can play online and in mom and dad’s sight.

If you’re interested in learning about this attractive home, contact us. We’re proud to serve families in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.¬†We would love to help you determine if this floorplan would be the best option for you.