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Spring Decorating With Eggs

If there’s one thing that spring means it’s refreshing your home’s decorations. And with most Americans at home, now is a great time to bring a little change to your space and liven up your home with lovely spring decorations. Eggs and spring are synonymous. We use them to celebrate Easter and all things vernal.

We think now is a great time to look at decorating your home with eggs! There are numerous ways to include them in your spring decor. They’re super affordable and offer a fun craft for the kids as well.

Start With Egg Blowing

Egg blowing is a simple way to empty eggs of their yolk and whites. We recommend emptying the egg contents into a sealable container so you can use them to cook up into an omelette or French toast.

1. Clean the eggs’ exteriors

2. Use a small screwdriver to tap a hole into one end of the egg and a larger hole on the other end

3. Use a paperclip to stir the inside of the egg and break up the yolk.

3. Blow into the smaller hole. Hold the egg over the container by blowing into the smaller hole and allowing the contents to exit the larger hole.

Once your eggs are emptied, there are several things you can do with them.

Painted Eggs

colorful eggs

Use puffy paint from the craft store to decorate the outside of your eggs. Create various patterns, draw Easter scenes on the eggs, or coat the entire egg in one color for a monochromatic look.

Glitter Eggs

Glitter eggs are a super fun way to jazz up your space. Dip your eggs in glue then in glitter.

Make a Wreath

Easter eggs

You can use your painted or glitter eggs to make a wreath. You can also use them to decorate bowls. The options are endless.

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