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Surprising Ways You Benefit From Energy Star

Energy Star LogoYou’ve probably seen the blue and white “Energy Star” logo on appliances and other home improvement materials at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s, but do you really know what it means and why it’s important to your family and the environment?  You’ll be surprised to learn all the ways that you benefit from Energy Star.

Believe it or not, your home can be a greater source of pollution than your car, with a full 16% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions generated from the energy used in U.S. homes, which often comes from burning fossil fuels at power plants. The goal of Energy Star as it relates to homeowners is to help improve the efficiency and comfort of our homes while protecting indoor air quality and the outdoor environment, and at the same time reducing energy bills. Homes earn the Energy Star by meeting strict construction guidelines set by the EPA that include:

  • A complete thermal enclosure system consisting of comprehensive air sealing, properly installed insulation, and high-performance windows.
  • A complete heating and cooling system engineered and installed to deliver greater comfort, better moisture control, improved indoor air quality and quieter operation.
  • A complete water management system including best building practices and materials to protect roofs, walls and foundations from water damage and indoor air quality problems.
  • Energy Star certified lighting, appaliances, and fans which help to reduce utility bills while providing high quality performance.
  • Third party certitfication of the home’s Energy Star equipment and construction techniques.

Today, about 6,500 contractors — including Solitaire Homes — are committed to participate in the Energy Star program which ensures your new home’s top performance and efficiency. Click here to learn more about Energy Star within Solitaire Homes construction. And visit the Energy Star website for a complete history and timeline of Energy Star, plus Special Offers and Rebates to help you save.