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Thanksgiving Traditions Are For Everyone

800px-Miranda_Cosgrove_at_the_2008_Macy's_Thanksgiving_Day_ParadeThanksgiving is a time for families to gather around the dinner table, enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, make memories, and relish in how blessed they are. Thanksgiving is about more than just delicious food, though. It’s an opportunity to carry out beloved family traditions, some that have been in families for generations. Traditions are a way to connect with your family, wherever they might be.

One of the most beloved Thanksgiving traditions is sitting down to the meal and having everyone talk about what they’re thankful for. Some might really be excited about the turkey, while others may be grateful to have another day on earth. No matter how big or small it is, it’s always nice to hear the appreciation in people’s voices.

Chances are you’ve heard about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s an encouraging family favorite you get to enjoy while the inviting aromas of cooking food waft through the house. If you’ve never seen the parade tune in this year and watch the colorful floats, happy families, and scenery from New York. If the Thanksgiving Day parade isn’t a current  tradition, one viewing of this incredible show will make you a believer. From the floats to the costumes to celebrity sightings, there is much to love about the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Some families pull out the Thanksgiving tablecloth, a white tablecloth that they write what they’re thankful for on each year. As the years pass the memories build and you’ll find yourself looking forward to pulling out the tablecloth and reading what you’ve had to be thankful for each year.

Of course what would Thanksgiving be without a little football or a family movie. After a delicious meal lots of families settle in to enjoy their favorite football team playing on the field, while other families head out to the theaters to catch the latest blockbuster of the season. Other families kick off the countdown to Christmas by heading out the Christmas tree farm and picking out the perfect tree to decorate while sipping cocoa and discussing their favorite ornaments. As fitness has become more of a concern for families thousands of families across the nation are taking part in Turkey Trots. These are 5k novelty races meant to burn off some of the extra calories you’ve eaten and have a good time working out with your family and friends.

Wherever you come from you’re bound to have a family tradition you not only love, but cherish and look forward to each year. The holidays are about family. Even if you’re miles away from your family or unable to get home, you can carry out the traditions on your own and make sure they live on. You might even consider sharing them with your neighbors and giving them an opportunity to enjoy a taste of a different family’s traditions. And, if you don’t have a tradition it’s never too late to start. So think of your own tradition or pick from above and discover just how fun traditions are.