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The Official Dictionary of Home Terms

solitaireAs you search for your next home you’ve probably come across several terms unique to the housing industry: site built, single wide, modular, and double wide. But what do all of these terms mean? In today’s blog post we’re going to discuss what we at Solitaire Homes like to call the “Dictionary of Home Terms”.

So, let’s start with the term “modular home”. Modular homes are built in an indoor setting, however, are transported to their site, where they are assembled and permanently anchored to their foundation by a builder. This provides the unique advantage of having the security of a foundation and the sterile, more controlled environment of an indoor building area. This means you can often have a modular home finished within a few weeks as opposed to 6 months like traditional site built homes. Modular homes cannot be moved once they’re assembled.

Modular homes are appraised and hold their value just like a site built home. “Site built” homes are what you typically see when a new subdivision goes up. They’re built on the site and take several months to complete. Oftentimes, factors like the weather play a major role in how quickly a site built home is finished. These homes are not the most efficient way to get a home built and oftentimes waste materials and time during the building process.

If you’re the type of person who wants the flexibility to move their home wherever they plan to live, you’ll probably want a “mobile home”. These homes are built in a factory, allowing for complete control over quality and production time. Mobile homes can be professionally moved to different sites. Whether you want to live in a subdivision or purchase a large plot of land in the country mobile homes give you the flexibility to take the perfect floorplan for your family and place it in the best location for your needs. Now, mobile homes come as both “single wides” and “double wides”. A single wide mobile home is typically longer and more narrow than a double wide, while double wides are two sections bolted together. Although they’re shorter than single wides, double wide mobile homes still offer more space and luxury amenities like garden tubs and walk-in closets.

Mobile homes are oftentimes much more affordable than site built homes, but still provide you with the flexibility to choose location, floorplans, and even upgrades.

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