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Travel Tips For The Holidays

Whether you’re hosting family or headed to a relative’s home for the holidays, chances are you’re trying to figure out what things looks like given the new climate of everything. While many people are choosing to stay home, there are also many Americans committed to smaller gatherings that might require some travel.

Here are some of our favorite holiday travel tips.

christmas travel

1. Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead

Normally we’d encourage people to plan ahead, but with COVID guidelines changing on nearly a daily basis, this year we are encouraging people to not plan too far ahead. Instead, take it each day at a time and keep your family members up to date on what you’re planning.

2. Drive

If possible, drive wherever you’re going. This will help you get to and from your destination without any issues (if you’re flying, there’s always a chance travel could be temporarily banned or changed depending on how bad the pandemic gets). Additionally, driving helps to maintain flexibility so you can alter your travel dates more easily.

And, driving is just a better way to keep away from germs and crowds.

3. Pack Snacks

christmas cookies

With things being as unpredictable as they are, packing snacks is a great idea. Many restaurants are closed and others have alternate hours that might not be advertised online. Save yourself the headache and plan ahead by ensuring everyone has food they like at their fingertips. As a bonus, this actually saves a lot of money.

4. Bring Things To Do

Again, with many activities closed or limited, make sure you plan things to do ahead of times. Movies, family game nights, and outdoor activities are all safe bets that can be counted on ahead of time. Don’t plan for things like movies or other indoor activities as many of these are closed (or check ahead for what the protocols are for these things).

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